Offer management

Quickly get on with creating and publishing new ticketing offers with simplified interface.

  • Autogenerate offers from ticketing backoffice events
  • Manually create reselling offers
  • Support day tickets and timeslot tickets
  • Edit offer description, reselling quantity and pricing
  • Manage offer lifecycle from draft to publishing

Partner management

Speedily connect with partners and manage them efficiently to optimise your ticket sales.

  • Discover partners – traditional and connected resellers
  • Social dealmaking – partner up with resellers
  • Manage partner commissions
  • Manage offer volume allocations
  • Key partner performance indicators

Venue management

Everything you need to manage ticket reselling effortlessly on enviso trade for venues.

  • Publish and manage information of venues
  • User management and role-based access management
  • Monitor sales performance
  • Monthly reseller pre-billing reports

Reselling options

Sell tickets on your reselling website with our Reselling API. Don’t have a reselling website? No problem! Sell on enviso trade for resellers.

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with connected resellers
  • Web-based sales point for traditional box offices, tour operators, …
  • Open API and partner program to integrate new reseller partners
  • Open API to integrate our reselling hub with third-party ticketing systems

ReCreateX integrated features

Do more with your ReCreateX ticketing system. Sync with enviso and power your ticket reselling like never before.

  • Out-of-the-box connector to sync tickets
  • Synchronise add-on products for upselling
  • Manage reselling ticket quantity for enviso trade
  • Scan and validate resold tickets
  • Connected resellers sales reporting

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