Enviso Pay
Omni-channel payment. Start to pay from the next business day.
Start to pay, next business day
No need to wait for 6 to 8 weeks to sign a contract with your payment provider or acquirer. You can onboard payment services from the next business day with our self-service onboarding.
Upload your documents and enter your bank account. Once the process has started, you can start receiving payments. Receive payouts as soon as your KYC is approved.
End-to-end payment
We have partnered with Adyen, the payment service provider behind Uber, Airbnb and eBay, to unify the payment provider and acquirer.
No more need to troubleshoot payment transactions in separate tools to resolve visitor payment questions. Enviso payment transactions show up immediately on your order details
Omni-channel payment 
Enviso Pay can be used across online and on-site channels. Simplify your payment administration and reporting with a single payment solution.
When used with Recreatex, Enviso Pay works with different payment terminals for on-site point of sales or kiosks.
Global payment methods
Enviso Pay supports more than 250 payment methods worldwide, easily covering online and on-site purchases made by international visitors.
Flexible & full payout 
We have flexible payout schemes that allow automatic revenue payouts on a daily or weekly basis. Each month, you will receive a detailed bill containing all the payment transactions and the fee per transaction and per payment method.
We deposit the full amount at each payout by default. This saves consolidation efforts and costs.

Upcoming features

Enviso is designed to gear up your success.

Refund with a single click

Refund payments directly from the order details, with a single click.

Enviso Pay dashboards

Access Enviso Pay dashboards to understand payment status.

Every visit matters
Find out how Enviso can help you grow your ticket sales.
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