Enviso Cloud
A scalable cloud platform, leading the way to leisure 2.0


Scalable cloud platform
Enviso is built on a cloud-native architecture, ready to scale for demanding use cases. It scales both horizontally and vertically, using parallel processing to scale automatically during peak loads.
Enviso is built on a modular and resilient microservices architecture. Microservices are small building blocks that can be easily added, removed, improved and scaled as you go.
Leisure apps as a service
Enviso’s cloud platform consists of common services like user management, analytics, payment services, adding several vertical operator apps to manage sales, reselling and more.
Fasten your seatbelt
We automated the complete pipeline from coding, building, testing and deploying to the cloud. This reduces human error in the process. New features are rolled out every month.
Developer experience
Enviso is built from the ground up to support easy integration. Build your own website or apps, using our simple REST APIs, JavaScript components or our WordPress plugins.

Upcoming features

Enviso is designed to gear up your success.

Build flexible rules

A flexible business rule editor to tune Enviso to your own business rules.

Get insights that matter

Powerful insights delivered on beautifully designed dashboards.

Stand-alone mode

Manage your master data directly from enviso

Every visit matters
Find out how Enviso can help you grow your ticket sales.
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